RGB Sinocare Safe Accu 2 Blood Sugar Glucose Monitor – Entire Kit of Safe Accu 2 Contains with 10 strips ,10 lancets and lancet device in the carry case. RGB Healhtcare Pvt Ltd. offers Latest technology with accuracy and safety For Regular Monitoring And Screening Of Blood Glucose Levels. RGB Sinocare Safe Accu 2 provides all the important features required and also have many added features like – Result indicator- Green and Red light for Low , High and Normal test results. RGB Sinocare Safe Accu 2 Blood Sugar Glucose Monitor offers average result reading of 7, 14 and 28 days. Strip Ejecter provided for contact-less strip removal. Handy with lifetime warranty. RGB Sinocare Safe Accu 2 is tested , evaluated in India’s top labs and have been certified due to high correlation with Gold Standard Lab devices.


FAD-GDH System.
Blood Sample needs only 0.6ul .
Test Range: 20 – 600mg/dL
Test. Time: 10sec .
Expiry Date: 24 months .
Memory: 200 results.
Battery lifetime: above 1000times
Triple sense technology – Accurate results in 10 seconds.
Simple to operate – Automatically turn on when you insert the test strip into the strip port .
High-contrast LCD display – Large reading in a small, discreet meter
Strong memory – 7, 14 and 28 day averages with 200 test results

What’s included?

RGB Sinocare Safe Accu 2 Meter + 10 RGB Sinocare Safe Accu2 Strips + 10 Lancets + 1 Lancing Device +2 AAA Battries + Carry case- packed in the carton.

Customer Care

RGB Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. 1411, Sadashiv Peth,Shop No-1. Shri Dattakrupa Society,Pune-411030, Maharashtra. Phone -9822033469 EMail-